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company news about How to arrange valuables at home?

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How to arrange valuables at home?
Latest company news about How to arrange valuables at home?

Why do you need a safe at home?
With the improvement of people's quality of life and family income, many people will have cash and some valuable jewelry on their hands. And for some office workers, most of the time in the company, sometimes have to go out on business, home valuables can not get security. In order to work at ease, go out at ease, home safe has been an essential life housekeeper at home. In order to take good care of our important items, how can we choose a high-quality household safe?

Selection of household safe
1. Look at the environment. Before we choose the safe, we should consider where to put it. According to the location of the safe, we can choose different safe. There are several common places to place them. For example, in the wardrobe or bedside table, these safes usually need to be customized according to the size. There are also into the wall, this kind of decoration in the new house before, you need to consider the size, so as not to decorate the hole again. The most common one is to put it in the room. This kind of safe is generally large in size, and it is available before 60 ~ 150cm. It is not easy to move and has good anti-theft performance.
2. Look at the function of the safe. The more the function of the safe, the better the anti-theft performance of the safe. Household safes on the market generally have the functions of electronic password unlocking, fingerprint unlocking, automatic alarm and so on. Some safes also have the function of fireproof, antimagnetic and waterproof, in order to prevent accidents from causing damage to the items in the safe, so we can choose household safes according to our actual needs.
3. Look at the locks of safes. The locks of household safes on the market are generally divided into mechanical locks and electronic locks. The mechanical lock opens the safe by turning the password plate, and the electronic lock opens the safe by inputting a combination of numbers. In addition to these two kinds of locks, there are card swiping safes and fingerprint safes on the market, as well as the combination of these unlocking methods. The specific unlocking method depends on which one you use more conveniently.
4. After sales service household safe is different from general household products. We must pay attention to after-sales service when purchasing. Professional after-sales service team is very important for the subsequent use of household safe.

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