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steel lockers
Latest company news about steel lockers

Locker refers to the locker for storing clothes, which is an essential thing in people's life. It is widely used in families, public institutions, offices, schools and other places. Modern lockers are made of steel, wood and plastic.

Features of steel lockers:

1. Material: the material of the general locker is 0.6~08mm high quality cold-rolled steel plate;

2. Accessories: general lockers are equipped with plastic or aluminum alloy hand cutters and door locks;

3, cabinet: the general cabinet is the use of electrostatic spray equipment to do phosphating and anti-rust treatment;

4, color: general conventional product color is matte white or off-white;

5, specifications: 1800/1850*900*420mm specifications;

Lockers are widely used in offices, factories and other types of small parts, samples, molds, tools, electronic components, documents, design drawings, bills, catalogs, forms and other storage management. It's the personal steward of your belongings. It is not like the traditional wooden cabinet, easy to damage, impact resistance, and easy to breed bacteria, produce odor. The storage locker is made of high quality cold rolled steel plate, which has superior performance incomparable to traditional wood storage locker.

Steel furniture is generally pressed by cold steel plate, and its surface is electrically galvanized, hot-dipping zinc, powder electrostatic spraying, or after phosphating treatment is sprayed with epoxy resin, so the high hardness and strong chroma of steel furniture are formed, so that it will not fall off the paint or cause the depression of the surface because of ordinary impact. So that the public furniture is commonly used often new, coupled with the simple atmosphere of the linear design more let steel office file cabinet even if the use of a long time is absolutely not behind The Times. At the same time, the use of the color method to avoid the production process is not conducive to health of harmful gases, more safe and environmental protection. Steel office furniture is often used as storage cabinets, but also used in public environment lockers, shoe cabinets and so on. Steel furniture has long service life and good sliding performance, which can greatly save space.

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