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company news about What is the relationship between process and design

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What is the relationship between process and design
Latest company news about What is the relationship between process and design

The relationship between plate production process (process design) and product modeling design and structure design is as follows

In addition, popular product modeling will bring large quantities of products, which is the premise for steel office furniture to give full play to its technological advantages. Structural design is the link between product modeling and technology, which is not only the internal skeleton of product appearance, but also the soul of product technology production. A reasonable and simple product structure design can create favorable conditions for the mass production process of the product, and an efficient and reasonable production process design can effectively reduce the production cost of the product, so that the product can finally be based on the market, and be favored by consumers, and give strong support. Therefore, in order to have a high level of product process design, we must start from the product modeling design. This is also the main reason why the domestic office desk and chair design team is not mature. The professional knowledge of the designers themselves is not comprehensive enough. They think that design is appearance design, and the product structure and production process are not important, or they can understand it. In fact, the structure of the product itself and its production process is the soul of product design.

There is a relationship of mutual influence and interdependence among them. First of all, the product modeling design can not be separated from the main characteristics of steel office furniture, and should be able to achieve and adapt to the requirements of steel office furniture production process.

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