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Understanding of the fire-proof safe, may be a lot of friends is vague, we usually call "fire safe" actually means "paper fire filing cabinet", according to the international general standard American UL72-350-1 hour fire prevention standards, in the scene of the fire at 927 degrees Celsius, the temperature in the cabinet is at least one hour to stay under 177 degrees Celsius, so as to ensure that items contained in the carbonization, the handwriting can be clearly seen. This just is the standard of fireproof safe that the place defines on international, and at present the fireproof safe that the place on the market sells is less than this standard mostly, so how distinguish is real fireproof safe, I will tell you a few small knack:
First of all, having high quality fireproof material is a layer of coat of high quality fireproof safe, and good material can have better fireproof effect. So the raw materials of fireproof safes are naturally self-developed patented fireproof materials that are better.
Many friends think that the heavier the fireproof safe is, the better its quality is. In fact, this is wrong. The best way to judge a fireproof safe is not by weight. Steel conducts heat well, and the temperature inside is not easily dissipated by high temperatures, so the documents and contents inside are definitely more dangerous. Like a lot of home some now so called steel plate safe box also can accomplish fire prevention, it is misleading consumer actually.
Whether fireproof safes can be truly fireproof, the role of their locks also needs our special attention. As we all know, the function of fireproof safe is mainly fireproof, so it is not so important in the requirements of locks. But now some bad manufacturers in China claim that the inspection certificate of the locks is the inspection of the fireproof safes. This trick of cheating the other way has deceived many consumers. The fireproof safes are not measured by the standards of the locks.
For fireproof safes, the size of the door seam structure design should consider the fireproof performance everywhere, because when the fire occurs, the gap is a direct contact with the fire or high temperature channel. Now the fireproof safe of a bit better brand is in fireproof at the same time still have to waterproof effect, so its gap is about complete airtight is the best. However, some domestic manufacturers do steel plate or cement cabinet in the fire safe when the door seam more than a few millimeters, no fire layer or just simple foam cement, in fact, can not do a good fire effect, let alone waterproof effect.
On the domestic market at present there are few top quality brands, have fire prevention function of the safe, most of the domestic consumer demand, the function of the safe relatively few manufacturer produces similar specific functions of the product, generally safe brand is the pursuit of beautiful shape, electronic lock fingerprint lock, etc. These factors, this to the demands of the fire-proof safe is a bit south.
Fireproof safe can only do the following points in order to truly call the fire:
1. Because of the use of galvanized steel, the product is not easy to rust.
2. Spray surface has better adhesion than spray paint, and does not contain benzene and other harmful chemicals.
3. Filled with bubble body adopts the new technology of foam filling after first, and fill the blunt body hole is 0.1 mm to 1 mm of closed porosity, has more than the traditional process of foaming body not easy be affected with damp be affected with damp, fire the characteristics of stable performance, (traditional after the first filling of foaming process of porosity is about 1 to 3 mm, and the blowhole is open, easy because of be affected with damp be affected with damp reduce fire resistance). 4. By adjusting the bulk density of the mud to control the weight of the safe, so that the product quality is stable; The box body and door panel are made of high quality steel, and are equipped with imported high-performance fireproof board, which is pasted with advanced fire-proof imitation wool felt. All the adhesives are made of advanced imported fireproof glue. The design between the door panel and the guard is made of high-performance fireproof strips which rapidly expand 8 times in case of high temperature for fireproof safety seal. Fire through the "national fixed fire extinguishing system and refractory component quality supervision and inspection center" according to GB/T16810-2006 for testing, in line with P-0.5B grade fire protection standards (namely: the safe into the combustion furnace combustion, when the temperature outside the safe reaches 1000℃ to start timely, the furnace temperature continues to maintain 1000℃ combustion for 30 minutes, the temperature in the safe <177℃)

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