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High quality home furniture of Shengwei
Latest company news about High quality home furniture of Shengwei

Speaking of the indispensable furniture in life, sofa, tea table, bed, dining table Of course, there are lockers, etc., which are definitely on the list. Among them, as a very important part of the room, lockers should not only accommodate our daily items, but also provide a visual impression for the layout of the rooms. And choose a high-quality locker, appearance, size, quality The quality assurance of Shengwei brand's household lockers may improve your home happiness.


We should know that the lockers need to accommodate the items we usually use, which is equivalent to direct contact with our human body. Therefore, whether the material is safe or not should be the key consideration when we purchase. Fanghe residential furniture has long thought of this. It adheres to the environmental protection design concept of Japanese masters. The lockers are all made of zero formaldehyde material - high quality cold-rolled steel plate. Through the advanced spraying process, the lockers have no peculiar smell. Especially under the conditions of exposure to the sun or high temperature baking, the lockers will not crack or fade, so as to ensure the clothing and body of consumers Will not be hurt, for everyone's safety sent to protect. Besides, this kind of steel plate also has a good function of reflecting ultraviolet light and rain proof. If you place it on the balcony, you can't avoid bathing in "sunshine" and "rain dew". Then the storage cabinet of Fanghe residential furniture will be your first choice. The use scene is diversified. The imported steel cold-rolled steel plate texture is rain proof and sunscreen, especially its sunscreen coating, which can effectively reflect ultraviolet rays, In addition, the unique rain proof ceiling insulates the air and water vapor, so as to give your things the best protection, also can withstand the outdoor wind and rain.


No matter when, no matter where, the good-looking and unique appearance will always attract people's attention. Just like this steel storage cabinet of Fanghe residential furniture, it uses the classic color of furniture - Beige, elegant and soft, fresh and simple. It is "located" in a corner of the room, showing tenderness and smoothness, and highlighting the cleanness and tidiness of the indoor environment The color of the atmosphere, I believe you are "occupied" at a glance! Don't worry, this is just one of them. Go deep into the "interior" of the lockers. The multi-layer boards can be adjusted freely. The internal space can be set according to your own needs. In this way, the corners of the lockers can be reasonably used. Not only can a lot of "idle" space be used, but also the storage process will be more pleasant and interesting. Especially for small units, it is very friendly Small home will not feel disorganized, but there is a simple and clean beauty. Of course, in addition to the adjustable height of the internal laminate, in order to cope with more use scenarios, Fanghe residential furniture also adds adjustable feet to the design of the standing feet, so that even if the ground is uneven, it can stand stably.


When it comes to the selection of lockers for small houses, the lockers of Shengwei home furniture can be said to be the gospel of small houses, and the specifications can be customized. No matter how small your home space is, Fanghe residential furniture can meet your needs, so what are you waiting for? Hurry to buy a multifunctional balcony storage cabinet of Shengwei home furniture, and let it expand the capacity of your beautiful life.

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