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company news about How does household safe choose better

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How does household safe choose better
Latest company news about How does household safe choose better

Home safe is becoming more and more popular. It must have its own advantages. Let me talk about the advantages of home safe with you.

1, family financial management: with the increase of residents' income, now many people will place a small number of cash, people go out for a long time, if stolen, but also heavy losses, especially home jewelry, calligraphy and painting, property ownership certificate, the use of home safe will add a security insurance for the user's property.

2, the size of the household safe is small, but the function is complete: the general small type of safe is two layers, can put about 50,000 yuan face value of cash, but also can put the house ownership card, bank card, passbook, receipts and other important deeds in the home. Open safe, need to add digital secret code generally, and two different keys, different safe secret code device is not the same, some for the digital keyboard that needs to use power supply, some for rotary type, it can be said that the hidden keyhole of three different types of insurance, insurance function is powerful.

3, can be secretly installed, inside the built-in wall: most of Zhengzhou safe on the back of the installation hole, can be embedded installed in the wall, with the expansion of the screw fixed, hanging a decoration on the wall, outsiders are difficult to see the position of the safe, it is more difficult to remove it in a short time. There are also some fasteners that can be fixed to a wall or corner.

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