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company news about It turns out that there are so many types and uses of desks

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It turns out that there are so many types and uses of desks
Latest company news about It turns out that there are so many types and uses of desks

Desk, namely office desk, also called desk. There are many kinds of desks. Different types of desks have different occasions and functions. Now let's introduce the specific classification and main uses of desks.
1. Desk classification
There are many types of desks, which can be classified according to material, use environment, or use. In a broad sense, all desks used for work are called desks, including: Supervisor desk, administrative desk, manager desk, boss desk, conference desk and training desk; in a narrow sense, desk refers to the desk used by people at work.
(1) Material composition: mainly divided into steel desk, wooden desk, metal desk, etc.
(2) Types of use: mainly divided into administrative table, supervisor table, staff table, conference table, workstation, etc.
(3) Usage: mainly divided into: reading table, library table, training table, teaching table, research desk, etc.
(4) Screen desk: the screen desk which is divided into different areas in the office through the screen, generally some connected.
2. Use of desk
(1) Teaching desk
The teaching desk is usually made of solid wood or solid wood veneer material. This kind of desk is generally large and heavy, with hidden functions. It is generally decorated with marble feet and some leather tabletops. It is suitable for high-level government institutions, business owners, directors and managers.
(2) Conference table
The main materials of the conference table are solid wood and board type. Generally, the conference table is used in the conference room, and the size of the conference table is relatively large. It can be made into u, t and e shapes to facilitate the communication between conference personnel.
(3) Training table
The main material of the training table is wooden board, which can be divided into two types: round and non round. The training table is generally slender. This design is mainly for the convenience of training and meeting in various offices. The main consumer groups of the training table are school, enterprise, hospital, hotel and other training personnel.
(4) Negotiation table
The material of negotiation table mainly includes plate, glass and metal. There are many kinds of design and modeling of the negotiation table, which is more leisure. It is mainly used for the communication between employees, the negotiation between employees and external personnel. The color and size design of the negotiation table is more comfortable, which can let people put down their guard and communicate sincerely.
A ergonomic desk, desktop storage function and circuit function is very powerful. Now many desks have lifting function, but the price of such desks will be more expensive, but the height can be adjusted at will to ensure that our body does not feel tired during exercise.

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