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company news about Material types and characteristics of metal furniture

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Material types and characteristics of metal furniture
Latest company news about Material types and characteristics of metal furniture

At present, the metal materials commonly used in furniture manufacturing mainly include steel, cast iron, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, etc.
(1) Steel
Steel is a kind of iron carbon alloy with carbon content between 0.02% and 2.11%. The steel also contains silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and other elements. According to its chemical composition, it can be divided into carbon steel and alloy steel.
① Carbon steel is also known as carbon steel. With the increase of carbon content, the strength and hardness of steel increase, and the plasticity, toughness and weldability decrease. According to the carbon content, it can be divided into three categories
Low carbon steel. The carbon content is less than 0.25%. It has low strength, high plasticity, high toughness and good processability and weldability. It is suitable for manufacturing parts and structural parts with complex shape and need to be welded.
Medium carbon steel. With phosphorus content of 0.25% ~ 0.6%, it has certain strength, plasticity and moderate toughness, and has good comprehensive mechanical properties after heat treatment. It is mainly used for manufacturing mechanical parts such as gears and bearings that require strength and toughness.
High carbon steel. It has high strength and hardness, good wear resistance, low plasticity and toughness. It is mainly used for manufacturing tools, cutting tools, springs and wear-resistant parts.
② Alloy steel is based on carbon steel, and steel with one or several alloying elements has higher comprehensive mechanical properties and some special physical and chemical properties. According to the total content of alloy elements, alloy steels are divided into low alloy steel (total content less than 5%), medium alloy steel (total content 5% - 10%) and high alloy steel (total weight more than 10%).
There are mainly two kinds of steel base materials: strip steel (narrow strip steel below 600mm and wide strip steel above 600mm, FIG. 10-2) and steel plate (Fig. 10-3). The former is processed into various kinds of pipes for bending and forming; the latter is processed into strip and block sheet metal, which is pressed according to structural requirements.

Metal furniture pipes are mostly high-frequency welded pipes with high strength, elasticity and easy bending, which are conducive to the modeling design and joint with other materials. After surface plating and coating, the color is various and beautiful, and it is often used as support frame. There are common round tubes, and the more popular ones are square tubes, rectangular tubes, semi elliptical tubes, rhombic tubes, shuttle tubes, fan-shaped tubes, triangular tubes, and side line tubes. The steel strip used for pipe material shall comply with relevant national standards. Generally, the wall thickness of high frequency welded steel pipe is 1.5mm, and the outer diameter is ∮ 13, ∮ 14, ∮ 16, ∮ 18, ∮ 19, ∮ 20, ∮ 22, ∮ 25, ∮ 28, ∮ 32, ∮ 36 (unit: mm), etc., commonly used are 014, P19, P22, middle 25432 and $36 (unit: mm). The increasing diameter is convenient for the fitting of furniture structure. The thickness of the commonly used sheet metal furniture is 0.8 ~ 3 mm. All the plates used for bending or drawing shall comply with the national standards, and the relevant technical conditions of ordinary carbon structural steel, low alloy structural steel sheet and cold rolled sheet for deep drawing.
In metal furniture production, wire mesh is used to make various bed drawers and folding bed stretchers. The steel wire mesh used in furniture is generally made of high-quality carbon steel above 45 steel, such as 45MN, 65Mn, etc., and the diameter of steel wire is generally ∮ 0.8mm; the galvanized steel wire on the surface is woven by the weaving machine, and the steel wire is spirally interlaced with each other to form the mesh surface, and has certain flexibility; finally, it is formed by edge clamping according to the required format size. In addition, furniture components can be made of low-alloy high-strength steel, such as 16Mn. A small amount of alloy element Mn is added into the low-carbon steel, which makes the strength significantly higher than that of carbon steel with the same amount of carbon on the basis of good weldability, good toughness and plasticity, which can reduce the weight of furniture structure and save steel.
(2) Cast iron
Cast iron is an iron carbon alloy with carbon content of 2.11% ~ 4.0%. It has the advantages of low melting point, good casting performance, cutting performance, wear resistance and vibration absorption, simple production process and low cost. It can be used to manufacture various parts with complex structure and shape. The common cast iron materials are gray cast iron, malleable iron and ductile iron. It is mainly used for the manufacture of some parts of furniture, such as tables and chairs legs, bases and other parts with high pressure and stability requirements.

(3) Copper alloy
Brass is a copper alloy with zinc as the only or main alloying element. Brass can be divided into pressure processed brass and cast brass. Brass has excellent deformation ability and corrosion resistance, beautiful golden yellow, commonly used in the production of furniture decoration. Casting brass can produce artistic furniture or furniture ornaments by die casting.
Tin bronze with Sn content of 3% ~ 14% generally has good plasticity and is suitable for pressure processing; tin bronze with Sn content more than 10% has low plasticity and high strength and can be used for casting. Tin bronze has low casting shrinkage and is suitable for casting castings with complex shape and high dimensional accuracy, and has good corrosion resistance. Through casting, we can obtain the simple and elegant modeling, which can be used in the production of bed furniture.
(4) Aluminum alloy
Aluminum has good properties. The density of pure aluminum is about 2.7g/cm, which is equivalent to one third of copper. It belongs to light alloy. Melting point 660 ℃. After crystallization, aluminum has face centered cubic lattice and high plasticity, which can be used for various plastic processing. Pure aluminum is silvery white and has a great affinity with oxygen. It can form a dense alumina oxide film to isolate air and prevent further oxidation. Therefore, it has good oxygen resistance in the atmosphere.
Aluminum alloy is an ideal light metal material for metal furniture. The furniture made of aluminum alloy is light and solid, easy to carry and beautiful in color. Commonly used aluminum alloys are forged aluminum, antirust aluminum, hard aluminum, super hard aluminum, special aluminum, etc. When selecting materials, it is necessary to select materials or alloys that can be heat treated, have good corrosion resistance and be cut according to the requirements of furniture design, so as to prevent cold cracks and hot cracks in the production process. AI mg Si alloy materials are generally used for aluminum alloy furniture, which has medium strength, high corrosion resistance, no stress corrosion cracking tendency and good welding performance. Its material types include pipe, plate, profile, strip, bar, wire and so on. The section of aluminum alloy pipe used for furniture can be rolled into various shapes according to the requirements of application, structure and connection, and can be designed and made into ideal contour lines.

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