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company news about On the prospect of steel residential furniture industry and its four development directions

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On the prospect of steel residential furniture industry and its four development directions
Latest company news about On the prospect of steel residential furniture industry and its four development directions

When it comes to furniture, wood is the source, but in recent years, with the gradual lack of resources and people's new demand for furniture structure changes, a new type of furniture category stands out in the traditional solid wood and panel furniture, that is steel furniture.
You know, the first steel products that appeared in our daily life are the most common stainless steel tableware and kitchen and sanitary ware, such as bath shelves, spoon, cupboard, etc. But now, steel furniture has covered the whole household, ranging from tea table, table, bed and wardrobe to indoor furniture to outdoor furniture, and steel furniture has been completely complete.
Although the overall market share of steel furniture is relatively small, the growth rate of the three types of furniture is the fastest. In the future, the solid wood, plate and steel furniture will form a three-thirds pattern in China furniture market. All of these indicate that steel furniture will become the "main force" of furniture market in the next few years.
So, based on this steel furniture, what aspects will be developed in the future? Let's break it down.
1、 Green and environmental protection
With the continuous development of economy, people's living standards are constantly improving, and the requirements for living environment are also higher and higher. In addition to pursuing personalized appearance, fashionable and beautiful color furniture, people are also very concerned about the environmental protection performance of residential furniture. Steel furniture, just in line with this environmental protection concept, not only pollution, but also do not worry about formaldehyde will be infringed, so the steel residential furniture industry development trend will also be towards the direction of green environmental protection.
2、 Online economy
Obviously, furniture e-commerce has become the trend of the times, and steel furniture industry is no exception. "Whoever refuses the Internet, who will face elimination" is no longer alarmist. Unfortunately, most steel residential furniture enterprises still have no idea about it, or a half understanding, full of doubt. Of course, there are also prospective furniture enterprises in the industry. Some are eager to try to sell standardized products through tmall and Jingdong shopping mall platforms, while others build e-commerce platform, and Anshun brand, which specializes in building steel residential furniture, is one of them.
3、 Personalized customization
With the rise of the new generation of consumer groups after 80s, 90s and 00, their personality characteristics of pursuing personality and self gradually appear, and at the same time, they also cause the change of consumption concept. In the past, the housing furniture industry was "homogenized" seriously, which caused the same product, while the new generation of consumer groups rejected such products, but custom furniture was more favored by them, so steel furniture will also be developing in this direction.
4、 Independent design
China's manufacturing industry is undergoing a transformation, from mass production to brand. The residential furniture industry will inevitably experience such a "pain period", abandon the low value-added processing and production, start to design products independently, create their own product characteristics, and increase the brand added value of the products. At present, Anshun residential furniture is doing this, and its growing design team and increasingly perfect enterprise structure are the best proof.

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