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company news about Production process of steel office furniture

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Production process of steel office furniture
Latest company news about Production process of steel office furniture

A complete sense of steel office furniture production process from raw materials preparation, through woodworking, paint painting to the final product packaging and warehousing and other links and steps. It is very simple to mention the production technology of steel office furniture in many people's view. The three-step opening, edge sealing and drilling are all the equipment used, such as cutting saw, edge sealing machine and drill arrangement. The key points of structure are 32 series of disassembly and assembly connectors, in fact, the production process of steel office furniture is much more complicated than these, and it is also a plate piece. Some can be completed only one or two processes, while some of them can be completed by more than ten or even dozens of processes. For example, the drawer bottom plate can be opened as long as the material is opened. For example, a more complex floor cabinet panel is made of honeycomb hollow, veneer, solid wood edge and edge shape, and glass is inlaid on it. The processing of a single panel can only be completed in more than 20 processes. Therefore, the complexity of plate process is closely related to the appearance design, product structure, materials used and the variety and quantity of products on the production line, and the more complex the elements involved. The main components of plate production process are raw materials, process documents, machine equipment, operators and corresponding quality and production management system. The premise and foundation of the whole process flow is the timely arrival of raw materials, while the process documents are the basis for the whole process and management activities, and the process documents should be comprehensive and detailed. The process documents of steel office furniture are: effect drawing, three views, component breakdown diagram, parts processing drawing, hardware parts list, packaging scheme, installation diagram, BOM, process flow sheet and product instruction. The parts processing drawing should be combined with the part processing process flow chart and the best effect should be synchronized with the parts products on the production line. The main contents in the parts processing flow sheet shall cover the name, specification, quantity, material use, batch, processing precautions, special inspection standards, working hours, procedures and serial numbers. Machine equipment and operators are processing guarantee.

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