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company news about Protective measures of iron cabinet in humid environment

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Protective measures of iron cabinet in humid environment
Latest company news about Protective measures of iron cabinet in humid environment

Although the iron cabinet has been moisture-proof in the processing, but it is a good cabinet in the late use of moisture-proof methods, especially in a humid environment. Place the drying agent to absorb moisture. Now there are many dehumidification stores dedicated to moisture-proof dehumidification box and dehumidification bag, buy back can be placed in the iron cabinet drawer moisture absorption. Reasonable switch window, through ventilation to dehumidify. Stay as far away from doors and Windows as possible.

When the outdoor moisture is large, the doors and Windows of the dominant direction should be closed, and the doors and Windows of the inferior direction should only be open for ventilation, so as to reduce water vapor into the room. Wait for the climate to clear up outdoor humidity changes hours, can open all the doors and Windows, accelerate water transpiration. The most important period of moistureproof is the morning and evening every day, the air humidity of these two moments is higher than the noon, if the doors and Windows are not closed in time, the water vapor will be severely soaked to every corner of the iron cabinet. Dehumidify with a dehumidifier. Open air conditioning should not be straight to iron cabinet blowing, in addition, still far from the equipment such as central heating as far as possible. The heating fan can also alleviate the indoor wet condition to a certain extent, but the useful radiation scale of the heating fan is small, and it can only play a supplementary role. If the general dehumidification method is still unable to meet the effect, just as well according to the situation to do special care.

It is very important for iron cabinet to do a good job of moistureproof, which is useful to avoid the phenomenon of peeling the paint surface. If the iron cabinet is very wet, the article stored inside will also be damp, so it is necessary to do a good job of moisture-proof method. Place some of lime in iron cabinet, because quicklime can adsorb the moisture in air, therefore usable cloth or burp bag after wrapping quicklime is placed at indoor everywhere, make indoor air holds to be dry, this act is brief, easy, cheap, safe. Hygroscopic package, principle and moisture absorption of moisture absorption package box of similar, but the content is given priority to with water absorbing resin, becomes a jellylike after absorbed moisture, not easy to shreds, used on a broader scale, in addition to the steel cabinet, clothing, leather goods, postage stamps, camera, piano, computer, audio devices, etc to be able to find it helps dehumidification, if placed in airtight space, moisture absorption effect is better.

Hygroscopic box, the more common hygroscopic products on the market, generally by calcium chloride particles as the main content, most also added flavor ingredients, so set dehumidification, fragrance, anti-mildew, deodorization and other functions in one, hygroscopic box is used for wardrobe, shoe cabinet hygroscopic, use only need to be put into the cabinet inside. Iron cabinet moistureproof good method is simple and economical. We usually pay more attention to this aspect, so as not to be damaged and more economical.

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