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company news about Reflection after the epidemic, the importance of non-contact distribution of Fengchao

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Reflection after the epidemic, the importance of non-contact distribution of Fengchao
Latest company news about Reflection after the epidemic, the importance of non-contact distribution of Fengchao

This year, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has spread globally, and my country's epidemic prevention and control is still in a critical period. The spread of the epidemic has also affected the catering and express delivery industries across the country. While actively resuming work and production, it is still necessary to remain vigilant at all times, and pay particular attention to the prevention and control of the epidemic in terms of details. Especially for industries such as the express delivery industry that are in frequent contact with people, more attention should be paid to the details of epidemic prevention. The terminal distribution links that are in close contact with people are often also a major weakness in epidemic prevention and control. "Contactless delivery" has become the mainstream now. Delivery methods, but there are also certain hidden safety hazards. It is easy to lose items during the non-contact delivery process, and it is difficult to guarantee the safety of consumers' packages. In this context, the emergence of Fengchao smart express cabinets undoubtedly solved this problem.

The Fengchao smart express cabinets scattered in major communities across the country, and the express cabinets that are not closed 24 hours a day, solve the hidden dangers of people's safety, and at the same time make daily life more convenient. The emergence of Fengchao smart express cabinets has solved many of the problems that have existed in express delivery terminals for many years, such as the conflict between the delivery time of couriers and the working hours of users, and the security risks of door-to-door pickup. Nowadays, after the Fengchao smart express cabinets Was resolved.
Consumers are undoubtedly the ones who can directly feel the convenient service brought by Fengchao's smart express cabinet. They don't need to wait for the delivery of the courier, don't worry about missing the time, just pick up the courier after returning home from get off work. It is even possible to share the pickup code between relatives and friends through mobile phone binding. Without forwarding, relatives and friends can directly pick up the courier in the Fengchao express cabinet.

This series of intelligent and humanized services are the results of years of ingenious research and development of Fengchao Technology. During this special epidemic period, this truly safe and efficient contactless delivery method is worthy of being promoted by people. In the locked express cabinet, there is no need to worry about wind, rain, or being walked by. It is safe and secure to pick up the package and it is convenient and efficient. It reduces frequent contact with the courier, and protects the consumer’s package while also protecting it. Personal safety.

Throughout the development of my country's express delivery industry over the years, the continuous optimization of terminal distribution links, the emergence of Fengchao smart cabinets is driving the intelligent development of the entire industry. This is an era full of opportunities and challenges. Presumably, more and more intelligent products of this kind will be integrated into daily life scenes in the future, bringing more convenience and enjoyment.

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