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company news about The deficiency of industry standard of safe box

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The deficiency of industry standard of safe box
Latest company news about The deficiency of industry standard of safe box

After the 1990s, China's safe market began to develop rapidly, becoming one of the main product lines of the physical protection industry, and the emergence of industry leading enterprises such as Yongfa and EPP. However, the safe industry is still in the "potential era", and the problem of nonstandard standards makes the pace of safe development less agile. How to convert potential into actual benefits and standardize the market has become a topic frequently discussed by people in the industry.
The standard certification of safe can be traced back to 2004. At the beginning of August, the compulsory product certification system of safe began to be announced, and all manufacturers began to go through the certification procedures, mainly through product testing and Factory review. The enterprises that have passed the certification will be issued with the certificate of relevant models. At the same time, 3C marks will be allowed on the products that have passed the certification, and 3C marks will be added on the products that have not passed the 3C certification The marked enterprise shall revoke the certificate and punish it. On October 1, 2005, the whole country began to implement this regulation, and began to supervise and inspect the market.
However, with the development of the market, this kind of 3C certification can't keep up with the pace of the market. It can't cover the new products in the market, such as safe deposit box and special safe deposit box. It only aims at the anti-theft performance of the safe deposit box, but has no regulations on the fireproof, antimagnetic, waterproof and other functions of the safe deposit box. These two major defects have become the stumbling blocks in the development of the safe deposit box.
Safe deposit box is a derivative of safe deposit box market. Compared with safe deposit box, it has low safety performance and does not need to pass 3C certification. But because its appearance and safe similar, the price is relatively cheap, so some consumers choose safe deposit box. In terms of the current market, safe deposit boxes have formed a certain scale and occupy a considerable proportion in the sales of enterprises. The author found that the sales volume of safe deposit boxes has been on the rise, even some stores did not put safe deposit boxes with CCC logo, all of them are safe deposit boxes, and safe deposit boxes have become the first product of some shop owners.
Hegel once said: "existence is rationality". Every thing has its reason for existence, and the safe deposit box is no exception. Summing up the reasons why consumers choose to buy safe deposit boxes, we can see that: first, the appearance of safe deposit boxes is not different from safe deposit boxes, but the price is much cheaper; second, consumers do not understand the specific differences between safe deposit boxes and safe deposit boxes, and the safe deposit boxes produced by each manufacturer are also different, so it is obviously not easy to tell where the differences are; Finally, China's consumption level and economic living conditions determine that safe deposit boxes still occupy a place in the civil market. In the case of unclear function differentiation, products with relatively low prices are easier to choose. In this case, the enterprise will also meet the market demand, almost every safe manufacturer is producing safe while producing safe. In this way, it is the enterprise itself that makes the safe deposit box a headache for the enterprise. On the one hand, there is a demand in the market, and if the enterprise wants to make a profit, it must consider the actual demand of the market. On the other hand, because this kind of safe deposit box does not have 3C certification, the production specifications of safe deposit box can not be standardized, all enterprises produce according to their own standards, and the Technical Supervision Bureau can not restrict the safe deposit box when enforcing the law, resulting in uneven product quality and a chaotic market. As a result, enterprises seem to be in a dilemma. How to solve this contradiction?
Careful analysis of the problems caused by the safe deposit box can find two different situations. The first situation is that consumers know that the safe deposit box has not passed the 3C certification, but the final sales still buy the safe deposit box. The second situation is that consumers do not understand the safe products and do not know that the safe should have 3C logo, so they buy the safe as a safe. In the face of these two situations, Ma Chenggang, director of Ningbo Chiqiu security equipment Co., Ltd., in an interview with the author, thinks that the lag of relevant national product quality standards has become the main problem faced by the development of the safe industry: "at present, the country has only roughly divided the anti-theft performance, and only issued two quality standards of safe / safe, which occupy a large share in the market Even the majority of safes are not covered. So consumers often buy safes (cabinets) that they think are secure against theft. In fact, they are safes with weak anti-theft ability. Once something goes wrong, they will be pried open very casually. As a result, the accounts will be counted in the safes, which will do great harm to the industry. " Mr. Ma suggested that the state should introduce more comprehensive and detailed product quality standards in time, so that consumers can easily distinguish between safes and safes, and buy products that meet their psychological expectations. Different from Mr. Ma, Cao Jun, deputy general manager of Ningbo EPP Industrial Co., Ltd., thinks that the main reason for diverting the market share of safe deposit boxes is that people don't pay much attention to safe deposit boxes, and the brand awareness of safe deposit boxes hasn't started. Instead of busy with the formulation of standards, it's better to start from the enterprise itself to improve the quality of products, and standards won't bring revolution to the industry Changes in the environment. After years of development, there is still no leading enterprise in the safe industry so far. It is the first thing that enterprises should consider to improve the brand reputation, form their own product characteristics and make the industry famous.

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