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Warehouse heavy duty rack
Latest company news about Warehouse heavy duty rack

When customizing warehouse shelves, many purchasers will ask how much load-bearing can be achieved, especially for heavy goods. The storage shelves that need to be loaded will be relatively large, and they need to have safety assurance. Let's take a look at the steel heavy-duty storage shelves with load-bearing as high as 4 tons.

Storage shelf industry said load-bearing, refers to the single-layer load-bearing, that is, single-layer can put multiple goods meaning. Many customers understand the load-bearing refers to the load-bearing of the entire warehouse shelf, in fact, it is not.

Because the storage warehouse steel heavy-duty shelves are mostly custom-made shelves, the length, width, height and the number of layers are customized according to the customer's needs. If the load-bearing of the whole shelf is to be calculated according to the number of layers in the specification. Customized specifications of different layers, the load of the entire shelf is also different.

For example, the manufacturer of steel heavy-duty shelves in warehouse said that the load-bearing capacity is 4 tons, which means that the load-bearing capacity of the first floor is 4 tons, and it can put 4 tons of goods. Bearing 4 tons can basically meet the needs of most customers. Of course, if the bearing capacity is more than 4 tons, it can also be customized, but the technical requirements will be higher. Only professional warehouse shelf manufacturers can produce.

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